Telos FAQ

Read below or watch the video FAQs for students.  

Q: How long will the treatment process take?

Answer: Unfortunately the answer to this question is not as cut and dry as most would like. It really depends on multiple factors (the complexity of the issues, the motivation of the student, aftercare arrangements, etc.). The average length of stay at Telos is 9-11 months.

Q: How does the waiting list work?

Answer: Families are able to reserve the next available bed on a "first come first served" basis when their application is accepted and an enrollment fee is received by Telos.

Q: Is there financing available?

Answer: Telos does not offer private financing.  Check with your lending institutions for traditional student loans.

Q: How often will I contact my son?

Answer: You will usually speak to your son twice a week. Each week you will have a family therapy phone call with your son and his primary therapist. A second call usually occurs on a weekday evening when your son is able to have a personal, non-therapy call.

Q: How is Telos different from other programs?

Answer: This is another question that doesn't have a short answer. We have provided some points that can guide you as you compare Telos to other programs. As you look for the best fit for your son and situation, we highly recommend you visit programs to get a "feel" for the place rather than simply reading marketing materials (even ours).

Q: Is the academic program at Telos accredited?

Answer: Yes, the academic program at Telos is accredited by AdvancedEd (formerly the Northwest Accreditation Commission) and adheres to the Utah State Board of Education requirements for graduation.