There is a tremendous amount of research linking daily cardiovascular endurance training to lower levels of depression, anxiety, and other mood disturbances. We want our students to develop healthy skills and habits that will carry over to life at home.

Watch our video to learn more about our awesome Triathlon training program.


    Due to the overwhelming research validating the relationship between fitness and emotional health, Telos incorporates triathlon training into the therapeutic milieu. This particular sport was selected because of its versatility; nearly anyone in any setting can swim, bike, or run. In addition, triathlons typically have a mutually supportive and non-competitive atmosphere.


    The triathlon training is incorporated in the school hours and is the primary curriculum for our PE credits. The students are taught the fundamentals of swimming, biking and running. Many parents wonder if their child will not like the program due to the triathlon training. We want to emphasize our goal is not to make great triathletes. Instead, we use this sport as a cardiovascular therapeutic intervention and all skill levels are accommodated.

  • It is NOT necessary that a student be an athlete to experience the benefits of the triathlon training. In fact, most of the students aren't natural athletes. This intervention has worked successfully with students of all shapes and sizes, as the daily training that a student engages in is specifically tailored for him. When a student first arrives at Telos he meets with Shaun Christian, triathlon coach, to assess his current physical condition. The coaches will then work to assist the student in challenging his preconceived notions regarding what he thinks possible for himself. This individualized process is carefully constructed to result in a powerful sense of personal accomplishment. 

  • While we believe other "fun" recreational activities are significant (our students also snowboard, hike, camp, mountain bike, etc.), the triathlon training produces results that change the core beliefs surrounding self-esteem and self-efficacy.


    Telos wants to achieve as much normalcy as possible for our students. We don't want students to feel like they are in a hospital or detention center. Instead we want them to be in a real boarding school with the full experience of a high school setting. To achieve this Telos Academy offers a full range of competitive sports. Telos Academy is a full member of the Utah High School Activities Association in the 1A classification. We offer varsity and junior varsity teams in eight sports.  A player participation and equipment fee is associated with each sport.

    • Baseball
    • Basketball
    • Golf
    • Cross-country
    • Soccer
    • Mountain bike club
    • Wrestling
    • Swimming
    • Tennis