Telos offers a small transitional program (8-11 students) that provides students with time to practice and develop their newly acquired skills in a less-structured setting.

Many of the families who place their sons at Telos decide to use our transitional program following discharge.


The Telos Anthem House is a residential home in a family neighborhood about one mile away from Telos. The Anthem House allows your son to continue to polish his treatment gains in an environment that provides greater responsibility, greater freedom, and less clinical "hand holding." If mistakes are made, students and parents feel secure that the safety net of Telos is still in place. At Anthem House your son is given more control over his time. He is purposefully given more free time and is afforded the privilege of structuring his own world. Our work will center around helping your son realize the types of resources available to help him stay successful well beyond Telos. The Anthem House is small enough to cater to each student's individual needs.

At the Anthem House, treatment becomes much more practical. Four life domains become the cornerstones of his continued development.

  • 1 Academics
  • 2 Vocational
  • 3 Life Skills
  • 4 Recreation

Specific staff members at Anthem House serve as "advocates" in each of these areas, carefully tutoring your son as he develops greater functionality in each domain. Work will begin with your son once he achieves Growth Phase at Telos RTC. This will help him better navigate the inevitable adjustment between Telos RTC and the Anthem House. The mentors at Anthem House have been trained in the Telos Way of Being and continue to participate in weekly proficiency trainings. As the appropriate "parents" of Anthem house, staff model what life will look like in the home environment. The staff at the Anthem House begin developing a relationship of trust with your son while he is progressing through the final phases of Telos (Growth and Telos phase). You will have the opportunity to tour the Anthem House home and meet the mentors during one of your Family Days. In the meantime, if you have questions, contact the program director, McKay Livingston.